"All your life, no matter what else you do, you have another job.  You are a citizen."  

Molly Ivins, a political journalist, wrote that.  And I agree.

I have learned, over the years, that I have to choose carefully the organizations I support.  I believe you have to "show up:"  My name does not appear on any event that I am not attending.

I serve on the following boards:

People for the American Way for 32 years, working for the protection of the First Amendment and as Watchdog of the Religious Right.  One of our programs is the Young Elected Officials (YEO), working to support elected officials of any position under the age of 35.



Planned Parenthood, Chair of the Board of Advocates, where I travel to Affiliates to give keynote speeches and fundraise.  I testify in Congress and have appeared as spokesperson on many programs such as All In with Chris Hayes, and other networks' programs.

Citymeals on Wheels:  Our clients --home-bound, with no family, surviving on extremely limited incomes-- now number over 19,000 and continue to grow as our population ages.  We deliver over 2 million meals, including holiday and emergency boxes.

I have accepted the position of Honorary Board Member for International Human Rights Arts Festival (IHRAF) which base their work on engagement with political and social leaders, and using the power of art to influence legislative and political goals.  

"Violence, even well-intentioned, always rebounds upon itself" -- and we consider accusation to be a form of violence.